Donny Deutsch: ‘I Believe Kavanaugh Is Dead at this Point’

‘I would be shocked if he was ever a Supreme Court justice’

DEUTSCH: “This is a moment in time, Joe, you used the word 'branding.' The Republicans, the cowardice of them, if they are smart, they’re going to have to kind of pull up their big boy or girl pants at this point, understand they will be branded forever. All of the chickens are going to come to roost and all of these people who have been quiet, who have stood by, they are going to pay for it. This is a moment in time. And if they hide at this moment in time, the rest of their political careers will pay. I hope there is Republicans listening, this is not a gray issue, this is a black and white. At the very least you need to say, 'No, we’re not going to not hear evil. We need to listen.' I believe Kavanaugh is dead at this point. I would be shocked if he was ever a Supreme Court justice.”

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