CNN’s Stelter Hits Trump for ‘Death Toll Denialism’: ‘The Truth Is Not on the President’s Side’

‘Trump world embraces conspiracy theories’

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STELTER: "OK, Lou. All right, look, Trump world embraces conspiracy theories because the truth is not on the president's side. Puerto Rico is just the most recent example. We all know how the president routinely attacks the Robert Mueller probe as an illegal witch hunt. Even just an hour ago, even in the wake of Paul Manafort's guilty plea. The evidence that this is a legal probe is overwhelming but the conspiracy theory that it's a witch hunt makes the president feel good. And that's not the only one. Let's keeping going through the list. The idea of a deep state. That's a conspiracy theory, so is the idea that the fake news colludes and works together to take him down. All of these are really sinister conspiracy theories.  And, of course, the one that always stands out is the illegal voting theory, the idea that millions of people voted illegally in 2016, robbing Trump of the popular vote. This is actually one of the only common threads of the Trump presidency, his embrace of conspiracy theories. And I understand, it can feel good to believe in some fantasy to believe that there are external forces that are out to get you, rather than facing reality."

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