Jeffrey Goldberg: This Is ‘Hurricane Denialism’ by Trump on Puerto Rico

‘This is a new phenomenon in conspiracy mongering’


GOLDBERG: Ther— there’s an interesting new phenomenon, and— and the word numb is I think the crucial— the crucial word here. We do go numb to this. This is hurricane denialism. This is a new phenomenon in— in conspiracy mongering, from the administration that we’re, you know, somewhat used to now, sort of the— the floating of— of strange conspiracy theories. It— it— it is— I think it’s remarkably different in kind from other— other tweets. But I would say just to add to what Ramesh said, that there’s a good chance or a reasonable chance that the President doesn’t understand how these death tolls are calculated. He thinks that if you don’t die in the storm, three or four days of a hurricane, that means that anything that happens after is immaterial and— and we know that that’s not true. So there might be just a— a cognitive issue here or an— an issue of analysis that he doesn’t quite understand.

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