Biden: Suicide Hotline Had ‘Highest Call Volume’ in ‘Day After Trump Was Elected’

‘And the day President Trump tweeted his policy banning transgenders’ in the military

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BIDEN: "Many of you are familiar with the Trevor project."
BIDEN: "And the suicide hotline. Just having to say those two phrases together, a project and a suicide hotline. I recently learned that the two times they had the highest call volume were the day after Trump was elected and the day President Trump tweeted his policy banning transgenders as military members. Despite all the progress we have made, there are so many young people who feel so abandoned. So alone. So afraid. They struggle to journey future in which they are safe, affirmed, and loved. Suddenly, you don’t have to imagine what that is like, because you have lived to Philly. He imagine those sleepless nights lying in bed as a kid, staring at the ceiling, wondering if or when to come out. What do I say? What are they going to say to me? What will happen? The terror in your heart when you first spoke your truth. Coach, I am gay. Mom, I am trench under. — I am transgender. Not knowing how your loved one might respond. Looking down the street, looking behind you to see who is watching before you hold your partner’s hand or steal a kiss. Literally looking over your shoulder all the time. You are here tonight — that you are here tonight, speaks to your strength and resilience."

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