FNC’s Jonathan Hunt: South Carolina Sand ‘Hurts a Good Bit’ When Being Whipped Up by 60 MPH Winds

‘We are hoping that this might be the final whack we get here on the South Carolina coast from the winds of Florence’


HUNT: "Yeah, feeling it really good here, Martha. We are hoping that this might be the final whack we get here on the South Carolina coast from the winds of Florence. But the rains predicted as Rick was just saying to last at least another 24 hours. Right here on north Myrtle Beach. Now the good news for at least coastal South Carolina is that the storm surge that we were expecting does not appear to be coming. That is largely as Rick was talking about the offshore winds blowing from the land on to the ocean pushing the ocean back. I’m just going to walk a little bit off the beach. I can tell you this fine south Carolina sand, when it’s whipped by the 60-plus-mile-per-hour winds hurts a good bit. So I’ll come up off the beach here. As I do that, we can look down the beach and show you a couple of homes that have suffered some wind damage through today. There has been nothing major that we have seen. There are trees down. We have seen some power lines down as well. And much of north Myrtle Beach and the entire Myrtle Beach region is actually without power right now. It’s likely to stay that way for quite some time. Simply because it is not safe. Obviously for anybody to come out and start fixing the power lines in these conditions. Most of the people who live here and vacation here did get out when they were told to by officials. Some have stayed. We spoke to one woman earlier today who said she grew up in Miami and has lived here 20 years and not getting up. Most people have heeded the warnings to get out. That clearly is a very good thing as we face a long weekend here."

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