CNN: Manafort Pleads Guilty in Deal with Mueller to Avoid Second Trial, Agrees to Cooperate

‘Does this deal now mean he’s cooperating in some way, shape, or form with Robert Mueller’s team?’


BOLDUAN: "I do want to bring you breaking news out of Washington right now. Right now, Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman is in a federal courtroom, pleading guilty to two counts of conspiracy. In return, he will avoid the trial -- yes, this is his second trial that was due to start Monday, less than a month after his first trial ended with him being convicted on eight counts. So what is happening in court right now? What does this deal mean? Does this deal now mean that he’s cooperating in some way, shape, or form with Robert Mueller’s team? Let’s find out. CNN's Shimon Prokupecz is following all of these developments at this moment. Shimon, what’s happening right now?"
PROKUPECZ: "Major, major development here, Kate. We’re learning just moments ago that Paul Manafort has agreed, has agreed to cooperate with the Justice Department. He has — the prosecutor there, Andrew Weissmann, told a judge moments ago in court that his plea agreement, Paul Manafort’s plea agreement is a cooperation agreement, and the other charges they will drop at the sentencing or at the agreement of successful cooperation. So here, Kate, obviously, a stunning development. This is the answer that we have been looking for to a question of whether or not this agreement -- whether or not this plea would mean Paul Manafort would cooperate, and here we have it. Just moments ago, obviously, what that agreement entails, we don’t know. The government did tell the judge that Paul Manafort proffered, he gave information to the government already. We believe that that had occurred in the last few days. So certainly, a major development here in this investigation, Kate. We now have word from the court, from the government, that Paul Manafort is cooperating in this investigation."

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