Willie Geist: I Hope Gov Cuomo’s Win over Cynthia Nixon Will Embolden Him to Get into 2020 Presidential Race

‘Andrew Cuomo was going to win this race’

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SCARBOROUGH: “So, Willie, I guess the question is — she had some really strong moments. I guess the question is, why didn’t she run for mayor of New York? I think that would have probably been a better step.”
GEIST: “Probably because de Blasio occupies the lane that she’s in anyway. Andrew Cuomo always was going to win this race. In fact, the polling before Election Day had it like 40 points, I think came in somewhere about 30. He’s got the state wired, he has for a long time. I’m interested, John and I were just talking, if this emboldens him even further and draws him into the presidential race in 2020.”

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