The View’s Hostin Confronts Planned Parenthood About Misleading Claims: Abortion Is Your Main Business

‘Why isn’t Planned Parenthood more transparent about its true position?’

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HOSTIN: “Dr. Wen, I know that Planned Parenthood provides services for women of color, for low income women, and I think that’s very noble. But I also know that Planned Parenthood provides more abortions, the most abortions than any other health care provider in the United States. And in fact, in I think 2016 Planned Parenthood provided 328,348 abortions. And in terms of emergency contraception kits, 730,329. That’s more than well women exams, Pap tests, HPV vaccinations. Planned Parenthood doesn’t perform mammograms. But Planned Parenthood I don’t think is transparent about that. Planned Parenthood says it’s only 3 percent of their services. 'The Washington Post' has found that to not be accurate, has found it to be more like 12 percent, has given Planned Parenthood three Pinocchios for that. Why isn’t Planned Parenthood more transparent about its true position?”
WEN: “Well, I disagree with this. Planned Parenthood just like every major medical organization that I’ve ever worked for follows the law, and is transparent and makes clear what are the procedures that we performed and what are the serves that we perform. Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of reproductive health care in this country; that includes abortions, but over 90 percent of the services performed are preventative care services." 

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