Paul Ryan: ‘I Have No Reason to Dispute’ Puerto Rico Death Numbers

‘I was in Puerto Rico after the hurricane, it was devastated’


REPORTER: "Also I wanted to ask you about the president's tweet this morning that really challenged a report that said 3,000 people died in hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and he said that that was really just the Democrats out to make him look bad, by revising that numbers. He says only 6 to 18 people died. You've been to Puerto Rico in the aftermath of that storm, what do you think happened there?"
RYAN: "You know, casualties don't make a person look bad, that's not -- so I have no reason to dispute these numbers. I was in Puerto Rico after the hurricane, it was devastated. This was a horrible storm. I toured the entire island and it was -- it's an isolated island that lost its infrastructure and its power for a long time. You couldn't get to people for a long time on the island, because roads were washed out, power was gone, and -- and the casualties mounted for a long time. So I have no reason to dispute those numbers. Those are just the facts of -- of what happens when a horrible hurricane hits an isolated place like an island."

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