Ignatius: ‘Yeah, President Trump Has His Base, But That’s All He’s Got’

‘The numbers that Trump would want are coming in’


IGNATIUS: "What's striking about these numbers is they come at a time when the economy is strong and is delivering on Trump’s promise to increase the rate of growth, to increase growth in particular in manufacturing jobs. So the numbers that Trump would want are coming in and I think people feel them. But even so, there is this point back: Why? And my explanation would be that in a sense, Trump’s strategy is succeeding too well. He goes so hard for his base in these rallies, these raucous rallies around the country, fulminating against Democrats, against the media, but I think that’s turning people off, that strategy. And just a final point. In the time that these polls were taken, John McCain was in his last days or his funeral had taken place, and people watched a celebration of what kind of normal, decent American politics is. Watching that funeral, I thought, 'You know, there are a lot more people in America who like George W. Bush plus Barack Obama than like Donald Trump.' I mean, it's that simple, you add together those two. So maybe that's where we're seeing these numbers. Yeah, Trump has his base, but increasingly that’s all he’s got."

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