Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart: ‘I Guarantee You’ Obama Will Go Meet Fidel Castro Before He Dies

‘I would be very surprised if President Obama doesn’t insist on going to see Castro before Castro dies’

MACCALLUM: "What do you think the reality will be for the people of Cuba at this point?"

DIAZ-BALART: "Again, that's what they're saying, but that's another Gruber moment. The reality is that there is no pressure in getting any of those things done. There are no conditions on giving the Cuban's access to the Internet. There are no conditions. This is a gift to the Castro regime. There are no conditions on human rights. The conditions were -- are the sanctions. So what the president has said is, 'Oh, we are going to do this,' hoping that now that they have all the money, everything that they've asked for with no conditions that they will do what they've never done. I think, frankly, it's not the first time."

MACCALLUM: "Pardon me, just real quick because I've got to go. Do you think he should go to Cuba? The president?"

DIAZ-BALART: "No, I don't think he should, but I guarantee that he will. I think this president wants to go meet Fidel Castro. I think for the radical left, Fidel Castro is almost the messiah. He's the great leader. I would be very surprised if President Obama doesn't insist on going to see Castro before Castro dies."

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