Jack Keane: If Assad Uses Chemical Weapons Again We Have to ‘Dramatically Take Down His Capacity’

‘Likely, he would only use chemical weapons as he has done before when conventional bombing attacks... are not getting the results he wants’


HEMMER: "There are 70,000 rebels in that town. There is also 3 million civilians. We heard Nikki Haley last week issued the warning about the civilians. The last time this happened President Trump took action April of 2017. What -- what -- what sort of threat do you think we're hanging over the Syrians and the Russians now to try to change their behavior, if that's even possible?"
KEANE: "Well, I'm not certain it will change their behavior because the first attack, our response was to take down some of the delivery system from the airfield that produced the attack. The second attack we -- we hit some infrastructure that was contributing to the production of -- of chemical weapons. I really thought we should have taken down all of Assad's military air power capability. In other words, you would deny him the capability of doing it again. So I would hope if they use it, the chemical weapons again, that we really this time will put in place what I think is a significant deterrence, and that is dramatically take down his capacity."

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