Katy Tur: I Had Countless Conversations with Sources During the Campaign Who Said That Trump Would Start WWIII

‘And those people went on to work in the White House’


TUR: "No, we didn’t. And this is the thing about that op-ed. It only underscores what was said in the Woodward book, which only underscored reporting that many outlets had done, including NBC News, which only underscored the themes we heard in the Omarosa book and the Fire And Fury book and the same thing we knew during the campaign.This idea that suddenly people are worried about the president is just not new. They have been worried about him since the campaign. I had countless conversations with sources during the campaign, who went on to work in the White House, who would say things like, “This man is not fit for office, this man is dangerous, this man is going to get us into World War III.” And those people went on to work in the White House and then started talking about how great he was. So this is— What they say publicly and what they say privately, there’s always been a push and pull like that since the beginning."

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