Van Jones: America Is on a ‘Razor’s Edge’ Between ‘Renewal and Collapse, Between Hope and Fear’

‘This may have been “The” scariest week of the Trump presidency for me’


JONES: "For all of these positive voices beginning to rise up, the system itself is beginning to break down. I think America is now on a razor’s edge between renewal and collapse. Between hope and fear. This may have been “The” scariest week of the Trump presidency for me, because we got our first look at a new book by Pulitzer prize winning journalist Bob Woodward and his watergate reporting actually brought down Richard Nixon, but this new book reads like a mashup genre between slapstick comedy and a horror movie. He’s portraying an erratic dangerously incompetent president aides trying to keep the president in chief from blowing up the world and then the New York Times prints a deep inside the administration saying exactly the same thing. Now the White House says it’s all fiction, but if these reports are even partially true, we are in the middle of an unprecedented national emergency inside the Oval Office and Congress should be holding oversight hearings right now calling White House staffers to the hill and asking them under oath if they are saying anything that endangers the safety of the American people. That would be a rational response. Instead, Rand Paul suggesting lie detector test and Senate Republicans pushing through a Supreme Court nominee who previously questioned whether a sitting U.S. President could even be subpoenaed or indicted while in office and this week certainly didn’t make things better from my point of view. Now trump rather than being concerned or alarmed is actually kratchs to cash in on the crazy using the possibility of his own impeachment just to rally up his own base."

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