Hannity: Obama Wants to Destroy Trump’s Agenda, Preserve the Deep State

‘He totally wrecked the economy, more debt than every other president before him combined’

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HANNITY: "Welcome to Hannity this Friday night. You will decide the fate of this country. The Democrats are out for blood. They want to impeach the president and now they are rolling out their savior, Barack Obama all over the country to tell you how to vote. Of course, he wants to destroy the trump agenda, he wants to decide your future after all of his failure because he thinks he knows better. Tonight with the help of a new report from John Solomon, we will connect all of the dots tonight. We will show you how dangerous this country’s bureaucracy has become. All of them trying to rig an election, influence your vote, stop Donald Trump, the president you voted for. They tried before he was elected. They’ve tried to undermine him ever since. Now we’ve got anonymous, a figure inside the administration claiming the Trump presidency will soon be over one way or another. Is that a failed threat coming from the deep state? Plus new developments surrounding FISA abuse in the investigation. Andrew McCain. We now know there is a grand jury convened and he may be just the person many officials who are about to be in serious legal trouble. He totally wrecked the economy, more debt than every other president before him combined. Billions of dollars to the Iranians that were chanting death to America. He ignored Putin’s massive power grab, Crimea, Ukraine. Neglected the simmering crisis in North Korea and, yeah, he’s back, just in time for midterm elections, and he wants to tell you to vote. Earlier today, Barack Obama delivered this so called warning to America. Let’s take a look."

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