Tucker: Washington Wants To Remove Trump Because They Don’t Like His Policies; Sounds More Like a Coup

‘The people hoping who regain power should have to explain why their ideas are better for America’


CARLSON: "A few days ago an anonymous op-ed writer in the “New York Times” as you all know revealed he is part of a resistance inside the executive branch dedicated to sabotaging the policies of the administration. The left was thrilled to find this. Now they are calling for the mead removal of the president. We don’t need an election or even an impeachment trial they are telling us, the cabinet can just end trump’s presidency right now it’s that simple. Washington wants to democratically elected president because they don’t like his policy and they want to do it without any election of their own sounds more like a coup than a feature democracy that’s what they’re calling for. Maybe they will succeed in it. Before that happens. The people hoping who regain power should have to explain why their ideas are better for America. So far they haven’t done that they have talked a lot about norms called a lot of people racist tried to make anyone who disagrees with them shut up. Political diversity as if that answers some relevant question."

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