Booker Adamant He Broke Senate Rules: ‘I Am Breaking the Rules’

‘When I broke the committee rules last night, those documents had not been cleared’


BOOKER: Well, I mean the amusing thing about that is what Cornyn first said, is he threatened me with expulsion. He said what I was doing was unbecoming to the office I was holding it. It's a deep insult for a senator to give to a senator in an environment [indecipherable] he was doing that because last night I broke the Senate rules by reading from that e-mail. And then today throughout the entire day, this is not just about one e-mail, I've already released over 20 committee confidential documents in violation of what they say are the Senate rules in which Cornyn said I should be expelled for. So according to Cornyn's rules, it's a lot of talk, a lot of bluster right now. I am breaking the rules. But I was raised and taught that an unjust law, you almost have an obligation to stand against it. So I am violating those laws. I have been doing all day, and it was an unjust law. You see there's no consequence. They will not move to expel me from the Senate for violating the committee confidential rules and I will continue to do so because I believe the public has the right to know where he stands on these issues."

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