NYU Law Prof. Melissa Murray: A Vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh Is a Vote Against Roe

‘Judge Kavanaugh voted to block a young immigrant one from receiving abortion care’


MURRAY: "Since 2011, politicians have passed over 400 new laws in 33 states across the nation that shame, pressure and punish women who decide to have an abortion. Some of these laws would ban abortion as early as six weeks, before a woman may even know that she is pregnant. Others would require a doctor to convey a falsehood to patients telling them that abortion leads to breast cancer. The point of these restrictions is to make it difficult, costly and in some cases impossible for women to obtain an abortion. As such, these restrictions impede women's ability to participate equally in the social and economic life of the nation. And these restrictions are especially detrimental to young women, women struggling to make ends meet, women of color, immigrant women, rural women and women who have already had children. In practice, these restrictions mean that Roe is merely a hollow promise and not a reality for many women. To be clear, Roe v. Wade is not a decision invented by activist judges. It is part of a centuries worth of jurisprudence that protects an entire constellation of rights — rights relating to family, marriage, parenthood, contraception and personal autonomy in intimate life. A vote against Roe, whether to overrule it as a formal matter or gut it through incremental cuts, puts all of those rights in jeopardy. And make no mistake about it, a vote for Judge Kavanaugh is a vote against Roe."

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