Krauthammer: Defunding ObamaCare is a ‘Pipe Dream’

‘You don’t conduct politics on a pipe dream’

ROSE: “You said, uh, that you were an early critic of ObamaCare, but you also said that efforts to defund it was nuts. Do you think you've been proven right?”
KRAUTHAMMER: “Unfortunately, yes, I think because it damaged the Republicans. And for those who oppose ObamaCare who think it is gonna be a train wreck and who do think it will undermine American health care, here we've had an occasion when the ObamaCare was launched on October 1st, where that would have been the focus of the country.”
ROSE: “Right.”
KRAUTHAMMER: “And instead, all we were looking at was the shutdown, a distraction from the real issue. So if you really were an opponent of ObamaCare, you stepped on the story.”
ROSE: “But now Senator Cruz and Senator Rubio this morning said they're still in favor of defunding ObamaCare. And it still has the same potential, does it not, to do damage to what you think is the best future for the Republican Party in its efforts against ObamaCare?”
KRAUTHAMMER: “Exactly. And it still has no chance whatsoever of being enacted into law, as long as we have a Democratic president and a Democratic Senate. It's a pipe dream. And you don't conduct politics on a pipe dream. And the fact is that if ObamaCare is gonna fail and if it is gonna be repealed, it will be as a result of the kinds of calamities that we're now seeing that are intrinsic to ObamaCare that it collapses on its own weight, rather than pushed from the outside. I just think it’s a bad strategy. I don’t disagree with the aim. I just think it’s absolutely the very wrong way to go about it.”

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