Philip Mudd Mocks Paul Ryan: If This Op-ed Is Not a Tipping Point, I Don’t Know What Is

‘I don’t know what Paul Ryan needs; It’s too late now’


MUDD: “We've got Charlottesville. We've got North Korea. Where we go from Rocket Man to 'my best friend' for a man who starves his own people. We got 'my best friend' Vladimir Putin who murders civilians, not in Russia, but in the United Kingdom and is about ready to participate in further murder in the final fight in Syria. And now we have to say somebody writes an op-ed and we say it’s maybe the tipping point and Paul Ryan says, 'I’ll pick up the phone and do this in private.' This is a tipping point?What do you need? What do you need? Another Charlottesville? 'I like the white supremacists. They’re the same as the black activists.' That's what we need? I've seen enough already. I don’t know what Paul Ryan needs. I guess he'll speak when he gets out, because It’s too late now. He's done.”

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