Piers Grills Carney Over ObamaCare Site: ‘At What Point Do Heads Roll Over This?’

‘The president said today ... that no one’s more frustrated than he is by the fact that the website hasn’t been working’

Piers Morgan Grills Carney Over ObamaCare Site: At What Point Do Heads Roll Over This? (Mediaite)

Piers Morgan confronted White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Monday night over the continued train wreck of the ObamaCare rollout, pushing him on how much they knew ahead of time and asking Carney directly at what point does the Obama administration plan holding someone accountable for this gigantic fiasco.

Morgan asked Carney directly, 'What guarantees were given to the president that ObamaCare and its systems were ready to go live?' Carney dismissed all the finger-pointing going on, repeated President Obama‘s line about how no one is more frustrated than him, and admitting that while they knew there would be some glitches, they weren’t aware of the scope. Carney assured that Obama is 'making sure some of the best minds in the country… are being applied to addressing these problems.'

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