CNN’s Phil Mudd: Trump Has the Temperament of a 4th Grader, Judgment of a 3rd Grader and Intellect of a 5th Grader

‘Bob Woodward’s not stupid’


MUDD: "Let me get this straight, the news in this book is that the president has the temperament of a fourth grader, the judgment of a third grader and the intellect of fifth grader. The president’s got another couple years before he runs again. There’s a lot of former on this. Every time they go out in public they’re going to be asked, was it true or not and the second most significant thing, Bob Woodward’s not stupid. When they go out and speak in public, I guarantee he’s got some transcripts, if they lie, he’s going to say on whatever it is, March 23rd, 2017, that’s exactly what you said. I think some of these people are going to be trapped if they try to get out of it."

(Via RawStory)

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