Carl Bernstein Says Woodward’s Book Is a Clear Sign Trump Is a ‘National Emergency’

‘Dismaying, demoralizing, dangerous condition that Donald Trump has put the United States in’


BERNSTEIN: "And with a statement that says the presidency can no longer be entrusted to this man. We now have a picture of what we’ve all been dealing with here. I will be happy to appear before committees of Congress, whether in executive session or whether in open session, and tell them what I have seen about this president of the United States and whether or not he is competent and able to lead the United States. I think he’s in a position to do an act of great patriotism perhaps here, but for him to continue in this job given what he is quoted as saying by Bob in this book. And the thing about the book is, like all of Bob’s books, the varus of mill tud. In this book it goes even further because there are so many tape record pgs from his sources that the account, the narrative accounts are based on that we finally are inside the trump White House and it is a who are row show. And I said that not with any glee. This is a terrible, sad, dis may go — dismaying, demoralizing, dangerous condition that Donald Trump has put the United States in."

(Via RawStory)

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