CNN’s Preston: Nancy Pelosi Will Have To Step Aside in This Era of #MeToo Movement

‘These young voices could cause a problem for Nancy Pelosi’


PRESTON: "Well, a couple of things. One, we would perhaps be looking at a total remake of the Democratic Party or the beginning of a remake of the Democratic Party. The first person I think that would certainly be in the sights of losing a very important job would be Nancy Pelosi. Now, Nancy Pelosi, for all the criticism that people have about Nancy Pelosi within the party, as you know, Kate, she raises an incredible amount of money. She’s a very skilled political and legislative tactician and was the first woman speaker. In this era of the me too movement, you could see someone like Nancy Pelosi have to step aside if House Democrats were to take back the house of representatives and she were to be in line for the speakership. These young voices could cause a problem for Nancy Pelosi if that were the case."

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