AP’s Julie Pace: ‘We’re Not Exactly Sure’ what Hillary’s Message Is or ‘Why She’s Running’

‘[Elizabeth Warren] is saying something, at least ... whether you agree with her or not, Elizabeth Warren has a set of principles. You know where she stands’

SCARBOROUGH: "And Julie Pace, if there is anybody out there that can do that -- I'm not saying they could -- but if there is anybody that could do that, it would be Elizabeth Warren who is actually saying what nobody else in the Democratic Party in the Senate floor would say."

PACE: "And she's seeing some things [crosstalk]

BRZEZINSKI: "Has guts to say it."

PACE: "I mean what one of the issues with Clintons, we are not exactly sure what her message is --"[crosstalk]

SCARBOROUGH: "What does Hillary stand for?"

PACE: "-- why she's running for the president. And whether you agree with her or not Elizabeth Warren has a set of principles you know where she stands."

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