Bakari Sellers: How Can Lindsey Graham Revere John McCain and Yet Kowtow to Trump?

‘I think John McCain deserves better’


SELLERS: "I think that yesterday birthed a new star. I know we don’t go to funerals or have these moments in our country and expect to see a new star come out of it. But Meghan McCain yesterday — I can’t imagine having the strength or courage to do what she did. And the nostalgia we had of a Republican Party that once was. I think when we saw George W. Bush or Barack Obama there remembering a man like John McCain you understand that this Republican Party isn’t what it once was. My question to people like Lindsey Graham who comes on later this morning is how do you admire and hold in reverence a man like John McCain but then cowtow to someone like Donald Trump? I think John McCain deserves better."

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