Steve Schmidt: Bush and Obama Coming Together at McCain Memorial a ‘Rebuke to This Vile and Low Moment’ in the Country

‘we will come upon a moment soon in this country we will need to reconcile with each other to move forward past this dark chapter’

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RUSH EXCERPT: "Well, I was struck listening to John, the last words I had with John McCain were I love you, boy, is what he said to me earlier this summer, and love was a big part of his life, and watching Meghan McCain, I am thinking about teddy Roosevelt Jr., the son of the president who was a hero to John McCain. When he was a young man, Teddy Roosevelt Jr. Said he would never have his own name because he had such a famous father. And I think we saw in Meghan McCain today, we look at this family and its great contributions to the country is that she will be an author of a next chapter of greatness in the McCain family’s name and in the life of our country as shrebe so eloquently put the focus on the vital virtues that are necessary to sustain a democratic republic like the United States. And that’s the point here today. That the things that John McCain’s life was about, the things that he stood for, those essential virtues, valor, courage, the heroism, kindness, love, decency, all of it, are necessary in a country like ours for it to succeed, and all those virtues are in regression and are under attack in this moment in time, so what we saw today from two former presidents, a Republican and a Democrat who were fierce rivals of each other was a rebuke to this vile and low moment in the history of this country, and make no mistake about it, the rebukes were intentional, they were purposeful, and they were designed by John McCain himself to in this hour of his death to instigate one last political fight. He was often quoted as saying a fight not joined is a fight not joined. And I think he would love the spectacle of the fight he instigated because when I was talking earlier about the spirit of defiance that so defines him was present in him, it defies the meanness and cruelty in public life. He hated bullies. You saw that reflected in this service today. So the country is upon a moment of choice about what path, what direction we’re going to go on, and one of the themes in the service today was about reconciliation and about love. And we will come upon a moment soon in this country we will need to reconcile with each other to move forward past this dark chapter."

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