Putin Critic on Being McCain Pallbearer: It’s the Most Heart Breaking Honor But It Will Be a Very Important Opportunity To Say One Last Goodbye

‘His voice will be maced not only in Arizona and Washington and U.S. But it will be missed to the furthest corners of the globe’


KARA-MURZA: "We first met, the three of us the Russian opposition leader senator McCain and myself at the beginning of 2010 and N. That building just behind us in the Russell Senate building where senator McCain’s office was and this was about the legislation bill introduced in the U.S. Astronaut and senator McCain was one of the main driving forces behind that bill. What that bill proposed to do was to impose individual personal targeted sanctions not against Russia as a country but against corrupt officials and human rights abusers in Vladimir Putin’s regime. Impunity whereby the same people who have for years been attacking and undermining and violating the most basic norms of democracy in our country in Russia would then come to the west and enjoy the privileges and opportunities west. Open their school and open bank accounts. Put a stop to that and finally passed by Congress and signed into law in 2012."

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