Scott Cleland Warns About Google: It’s the ‘Most Harmful Monopoly You Can Imagine’

‘It’s blind trust because no one does really know what goes on there’


CLELAND: "No, we can’t. Because it’s blanket trust. It’s blind trust because no one does really know what goes on there. The problem is when you put all of access supply and demand to access all of the world’s information through one black box, one thing that we have no transparency to. We don’t understand and let’s not forget the whole purpose is to rank. To choose that what is best. They said it’s algorithmic it must be okay. A computer program that people decided what to the biases would be their purposeful biases. The problem of Google is the fact that we have concentrated all that power in one company because if the most harmful you can imagine. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. In a constitutional republic in a free markets the free flow of information and the competition of ideas are paramount and central when you go through one black box and say that is all occurring only here and there is one person that basically sets what the ideology and the approach is going to be, and it’s Larry page and then that filters through, you have a — it’s a very scary situation you want a competition for ideas and sources. He has created unbelievably innovative and great search engine. No criticism there in the sense of its capability. But, how the government and I for 10 years have been trying to prevent this monopoly and the government screwed up time and time again in allowing Google to B monopoly."

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