John Yoo: ‘If Trump Were to Fire Sessions I Think that Will Accelerate Calls for Impeachment’

‘Attorney General Sessions is carrying out the Trump agenda perhaps more forcefully and effectively than any other cabinet member’


YOO: "I actually think Attorney General Sessions is doing President Trump a great favor. On the one hand, Attorney General Sessions is carrying out the trump agenda perhaps more forcefully and effectively than any other cabinet member. Jeff Sessions is probably the most conservative attorney general we've had in 30 years since Ed Meese in the Reagan administration in the 1980s. He is increasing drug enforcement operations, he is -- he's -- I'm sorry, he is boosting immigration proceedings. All these things that Trump would want to. So I actually think if sessions wanted to make life hard for Trump, he would resign. Because Sessions is actually preventing Trump for making a serious political mistake, I think, which would be for Trump to try to fire Mueller rather than let the investigation just close out from getting involved with monkeying around with other kinds of investigations. It’s far better for Trump to have a trusted conservative as head of the Justice Department and let that person oversee the investigations and let that run where they will. I think if Trump were to fire Sessions that's just going to accelerate calls for impeachment."

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