Kionne McGhee: Floridians Are Smarter than What the Trump Campaign and the Desantis Campaign Give them Credit For

‘Floridians are smarter than what the Donald Trump campaign and the Desantis campaign truly give them credit for’


HOST: "In a tweet, you've said — you called on Governor Rick Scott running for Senate and every other Republican to denounce DeSantis. Have any of them responded?"
MCGHEE: "We haven’t heard anything from them. Governor Scott hasn’t said a single word as to these statements. But look let’s stay on the track here. The reality of it is, they are trying to distract away from the true issues that Floridians are actually suffering from, due to the 20 years of inactiveness based by the Republican Party.
HOST: "Well, OK. I’m going to challenge you a bit on that point that it’s Republicans pushing this out there. I know the first that I heard about this particular flap was a press release from the Florida Democratic Party. And there have been several Democrats that have rushed to comment on this particular issue. And that’s not to say that it doesn’t deserve a credit and doesn’t deserve attention, but to your point, is the fact that everyone is talking about this — and there are just as many Democrats talking about this as Republicans. Does that take away from your candidate, Mayor Gillum, talking about these issues that he cares about?"
MCGHEE: "No. The reality of it is, Floridians are -- are smarter than what the Donald Trump campaign and the DeSantis campaign truly give them credit for. We are a state of individuals who have come together time in and time out to come together and realize that we are trying to push Florida forward. You know, the whole objective of what we are trying to do in Florida is to move forward to the more perfect union that our founders so eloquently talked about, getting us there."

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