Del Percio: We Think Trump’s Unleashed Now, I Can’t Even Imagine What He Will Do in 2019 If Dems Don’t Take the House

‘We think he’s unleashed now, I can’t even imagine what he will do starting in 2019’


RUHLE: "Democrats seem very focused on when we take the House, when we start these proceedings. Are they making the right moves to ensure they win?"
THOMPSON: "I think so. I wouldn’t say they’re focused on getting in and doing an investigation. I think Democrats are focused on winning the House back first. Most of the candidates that are running are not running on elect me so we can investigate Donald Trump. I think that that is sort of understood that that is probably what would happen. So it will to some extent I’m sure. If the leadership stays as it is though, I know that that leadership is not necessarily as zealous about these types of things, but when you have a new generation of Democrats being elected, they may say, look, we need to push this, we need to do this. At the very least, see, this is what’s missing now, in any investigation that’s going on. And during Watergate, these were public hearings. Imagine what different place we would be in if all of these were public hearings. So if the Democrats just say OK, we’ll do something, if if they just do a little bit and hold public hearings that will make a big difference. And he ought to be really worried about that."
DEL PERCIO: "And just the follow up, If the Democrats do not take back the House, Donald Trump is — we think he’s unleashed now, I can’t even imagine what he will do starting in 2019."

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