Kilmeade: Twitter’s ‘Plan All Along’ Was to Suppress Republican Vote in Midterms

‘But they never expected this push back on their push back’


LOESCH: “Right. I mean, just the other day Kathleen McKinley, who is a wonderful woman, a sweet Christian lady, wrote a column in a newspaper, shared it, and because the topic of that column — and it was a well-written piece — because the topic of that column apparently triggered someone, she ended up being temporarily suspended. And as you said, there have been a number of accounts, individuals who do nothing more than engage in advocacy or do what every other user on the right and left does, and they find themselves shadow banned because they’re effective or someone decides to target them. Enough is enough. I mean, it has to be even.”
KILMEADE: “The plan all along, I believe, was to push back on conservatives and suppress their vote come midterm, but they never expected this pushback on their pushback. And this is another example.”

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