Gavin Newsom: Gov’t Should Pay for Universal Health Care for Illegal Immigrants

‘San Francisco is the only universal health care plan for all undocumented residents in America, very proud of that’


NEWSOM: "I'd broaden it well beyond a bill ‎that basically started a process if you ‎read 562 which the vast majority of ‎elected officials that were for and ‎against it didn't -- did not for and ‎against did not, because they would have actually known what it said, it would ‎created a committee that began a process ‎to come up with a strategy and plan to ‎finance and organize with 34 proscribed benefits a universal strategy for single payer financing. That process can be done without a bill. That process should be done by the next governor. And I'm committed to it for no other reason than Health Care's devouring our budget. Health care in this state is the biggest driver of unfunded retirement benefits."

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