Angus King on Renaming the Russell Building: ‘I Can’t Imagine a Better Place to Put McCain’s Name’

‘I think it would be a great tribute to John McCain’


KING: "Yes. By the way, I’m standing right now in the Russell Rotunda. The Russell Building was only named the Russell Building sometime in the late ‘70s. When I worked here as a staff member, this was called the old Senate office building or affectionately we referred to it as the 'Old S.O.B.' And I can’t imagine a more appropriate place to put John McCain’s name. His office was just down the hall here on the second floor. I think it would be a great tribute to John McCain. And sometimes you do change the names of buildings to make them more current and I think it would be a living memorial, the work that goes on here and perhaps occasionally remind us of what our obligations are."

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