MSNBC Finds McCain’s ‘Biggest Political Mistake’: Sarah Palin

‘One of those decisions was who he chose to run with in 2008, Sarah Palin’


IGNATIUS: “I wrote, Katy, that I think that choice of Sarah Palin was probably the biggest political mistake that John McCain made in his career. I think what he was trying to do was to connect as an older establishment Republican with the energy that he understood rightly was out there. There is an insurgency in the Republican Party. Sarah Palin was an early example of it, this kind of, you know, unprepared in the normal sense ex-governor of Alaska, spoke out sharp, funny. And McCain wanted to have that as part of his presidential campaign. It was a poor choice. She was so unprepared for the office. But I think it shows that McCain saw something changing in his party, this party that would spawn the Tea Party movement that really existed to trash Washington, the world that John McCain grew up in. So I think he was caught in this, it’s part of what makes him, to me, such a poignant person. As we play these tapes of Senator McCain, I just think about the basics for him: Love your country, tell the truth, you know, don’t sell out your principles. Those are the things that he always, always said and tried to do.”

(h/t NewsBusters)

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