Cheney: ‘We’re Still at War’ and Dems Are Trashing a Program that Saved Lives

Democrats are ‘trashing a very, very good program that worked, that saved lives, that kept us from another attack’

Cheney: ‘We’re Still at War’ and Dems Are ‘Trashing a Program That Worked and Saved Lives’ (The Washington Free Beacon)

Former Vice President Dick Cheney sat down with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Sunday to discuss the responses to the recent Senate CIA report.

Cheney took issue with one individual from the United Nations, Ben Emerson, who has called for a criminal investigation.

“I have little respect for the United Nations,” Cheney said, “or for this individual who doesn’t have a clue and had absolutely no responsibility for safeguarding this nation and going after the bastards that killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11.”

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