Brazile: ‘As a Woman of Color, I Would Be Honored If the Russell Building Was Re-Named After John McCain’

‘John McCain called and said he was going to Memphis to say he was wrong’


STEPHANOPOULOS: "Now Donna, I want to begin with you because you were telling me a story before we went on the air. Your first encounter with John McCain more than 35 years ago."

DONNA BRAZILE, FORMER CHAIR, DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE: I was a — a young congressional staffer working with one of our home state heroes, Lindy Boggs and I was charged with the task of lobbying for the King holiday. And when I went up to this young congressman, he said we’re not ready. And I said what do you mean? We have over 300 votes. He said but my state. And fast forward 25 years later, George, John McCain called and said he was going to Memphis to say he was wrong.

In those intervening years, not only did he lobby his state, but John McCain was a man of his word who said I will continue this campaign, this march. And he admitted that he was wrong. And for me, as a woman of color, I would be honored if the Russell Building was re-named after John McCain, not only for his legacy, his service, he kept his word, but when John McCain saw his grandson, named after himself, he was so proud and he put it on Twitter.

His — his grandson who carries his name is an African American as well. He was a great man.

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