Zerlina Maxwell: Impeachment of Trump Now ‘Exactly What the Framers Would Have Wanted’

‘They should hold off on talking about impeachment because we need to see all the facts’


MAXWELL: "The President was implicated directly in a criminal conspiracy, in court under oath, and that’s something that has never happened before in this country in terms of a crime that goes to the eligibility — excuse me, the legitimacy of his election. It’s at the core of his election. It’s something that made it more possible for him to be elected by hiding salacious details about alleged affairs. And so I think that Democrats can start talking about impeachment, not saying that we should just remove the President without going through the full two-step process, right? But I think that if now is when we can’t talk about impeachment, when can we talk about impeachment? The President was implicated in a crime and I can’t imagine a scenario that could be any more right for a serious discussion by responsible adults. It’s exactly what the Framers would have wanted."

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