Gutfeld Battles Juan Williams: ‘Mollie Tibbetts Is Not a Distraction!’

‘We only spent 10 minutes on Mollie Tibbetts’


GUTFELD: "The media can’t stop talking about impeachment. It’s their jasper. I do believe it shows they can’t even think things through. It’s like if you actually do impeach trump, you will have Mike Pence, a guy who was so conservative he won’t be alone with his wife. I am joking, of course. Anyway, he makes trump look like Che Guevara. Let’s say you get your magical dream of impeachment, you will rattle — she will radicalize a lot of Americans who feel you have stolen their votes. If America thinks you are fake news now, god knows what they will think of you then. I don’t even want to talk about it. We have now spent 21 minutes on this topic, Juan. We only spent 10 minutes on mollie Tibbetts. To your point, you were incorrect."

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