Eugene Robinson: The Cohen Story Poses an ‘Existential Threat’ to the Trump Presidency

‘Lanny Davis strongly implied that Michael Cohen has damning information about the president regarding the Trump Tower meeting’


ROBINSON: "And the Cohen story is — it poses an existential threat to this presidency. Last night on our friend and colleague Rachel Maddow’s show, Lanny Davis very strongly implied that Michael Cohen has damning information about the President regarding the Trump Tower meeting and regarding advanced knowledge of Russian hacking, which would just be explosive. And he was not really ambiguous about that. He doesn’t want to talk about it more right now, but it seems to me he’s sending a very clear message to the prosecutors that he would love to sit down and talk, he would love to have a deal. And I wonder if there aren’t perhaps other charges that prosecutors might have filed against Cohen this time around that he’s worried that they might file. So, I think the prosecutors feel they are in a strong position as he asks to talk, and at some point they’re going to be willing to listen."

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