Gonzales: There Is ‘a Political Danger of Impeachment’ if Trump Commits Perjury Before Mueller

‘There is always a concern that you misremember something’


GONZALES: "Now, Bob Mueller may ultimately receive information, may ultimately receive testimony from the President, and based on that he may conclude that the president is lying and has committed perjury and include it in a report that goes to the Deputy Attorney General. If the Deputy Attorney General were to receive such a report, he would likely forward that report to the Congress and then Congress would have to make a decision as to whether or not lying to federal prosecutors would constitute grounds for impeachment. So, there is a danger either way. Even though the department may not believe it has the authority to indict and prosecute a sitting president, there is certainly a political danger of impeachment if the president were to be found to commit perjury by the special counsel."

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