Greg Gutfeld Praises Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Rhetoric: He’s Doing What We Do, ‘Shouting’ at the TV

‘Hardly surprising, almost all press has a liberal slant’


GUTFELD: "Hardly surprising, almost all press has a liberal slant. I know, I’ve worked in every kind of media and I was always the odd man out, even in those art films I made in Germany. And it’s obvious with Twitter and how they treat the fringes. Fringe right, you're banned, fringe left, have a seat in our private lounge. This admission is key in the era of fake news accusations. What Trump has been doing is what we’ve been doing for decades, sitting in front of the TV and shouting at the bias merchants at those big networks as the they deliver shoddy claims and God knows what else. We screamed until someone listened. The huge success of fair and balanced shows that you were only getting half the story before, the half that’s imbalanced and unfair. Because that half of the story is no story, it’s fake news, it is just what we said it was. But Trump just crunched the complaint into two handy words. Before the rulers of the airwaves could mock Mr. And Mrs. Jones on Main Street for their anger, it’s hard to do that now that the guy on Pennsylvania Avenue and it’s become the Jones’ spokesman. It’s no wonder new media has been confessing its sins, they knew the jig is up. Dana, was that surprising?"

(Via Mediaite)

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