Hugh Hewitt on Brennan: I Would Have Waited for a Different Hill Than John Brennan’s Security Clearance on Which To Die

‘I would have held my bullets if I were McRaven’


HEWITT: "Admiral McRaven’s been on my show. I admire him immensely. He gave the best commencement speech in the history of commencement speeches. And everyone knows he’s a hero. Bill Webster’s another man that I greatly admire. Judge Webster let out that letter. I still question the letter because it ignores a lot of the 2014 problems with John Brennan. You know Mark Yudof called for his resignation for spying on Democratic staffers. Dianne Feinstein does not hold John Brennan in high regard. This is a controversial character, and the letter went much further than it ought to have gone. I would have held my bullets if I were McRaven. I would have waited for a different hill than John Brennan’s security clearance on which to die. And as a result I think especially when Brennan comes on this morning, and he’s a colleague of ours, right, at NBC News. But when he walked back treason, you don’t get to walk back treason."

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