Pittsburgh Bishop on Abuse Scandal: We Have Followed Every Single Step We Needed to Follow To Be Responsible to the Victims

‘First of all, we’ve listened to them carefully’


ZUBIK: Sure. I want to go back to when I became the bishop of the diocese of Pittsburgh in 2007. I can honestly say that we have followed every single step that we needed to follow to be responsible in our response to — to the victims. First of all, we’ve listened to them carefully. Second of all, we’ve removed priests from ministry. Third of all, we have in fact turned it over to the district attorneys of the appropriate counties. Fourth of all, we have engaged the independent review board to assess and take a look at the allegations and whether or not a person would be suitable for ministry again.

And we have in fact informed the — the people in our parishes about those allegations as well as put out press releases accordingly. So I think that that behavior and the steps that we’ve consistently taken since 2007 really works against SNAP’s calling forth my resignation."

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