Geraldo: John Brennan ‘Has Become Just Another Run-of-the-Mill Trump Hater’

‘I wouldn’t be surprised if he became an active political partisan Democrat going forward’


GERALDO: "Stripping him of a security clearance? He is going on MSNBC, he is going on CNN, and he's saying some things about the President that are really wild and so harshly critical and construing everything the President did in the most evil way possible. John Brennan has forfeited the right to appear before the American people as the objective, solid, you know, low-key professional spy that worked for America and did everything — he has become just another run-of-the-mill Trump hater to me. I honor his service and the service of Admiral McRaven, who was in charge of Rob O’Neill and the other guys that took out bin Laden on that fabulous mission, I honor their service. But they cannot, certainly John Brennan cannot sit there today and take the moral high ground that he has, you know, viewed the facts and circumstances of this in a sober and objective light and cares only about helping the American people. I think that he is making a political point. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he became an active political partisan Democrat going forward." 

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