Sarah Sanders Rips Media For ‘Elevating’ Omarosa: Press Has ‘Done More To Divide This Country’ Than Trump

‘The president is always someone who is going to fight fire with fire’

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HUCKABEE SANDERS: "The President is somebody who is always going to fight fire with fire. This is not new and something the American people knew when they voted for him and overwhelmingly elected him to be the President of the United States. Since he took office, he governed in a way that is helping all Americans. If we want to look at who is creating divisions in the country, I think the media has done more to divide this country far more than this President ever has by elevating people like the author of this book by focusing on a sparsely attended rally instead of the policies this Administration and this President are enacting that are helping people not just on economy or, but school choice or prison reform. This President is governing to help all Americans and we would be better off if the media gave that a little more attention."

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