Fitton on The Firing of Peter Strzok: ‘It’s Long Overdue and It’s a Body Blow to the Mueller Investigation’

‘Peter Strzok is an architect to the Russia collusion theory which we know is fraudulently based and there would be no Mueller investigation without Peter Strzok’


FITTON: "Well, it’s long overdue and it's a body blow to the Mueller investigation. Strzok is an architect of the Russia collusion theory, which we know is fraudulently based, and there would be no Mueller investigation without Peter Strzok. He was instrumental as the lead investigator, he certainly was behind the collusion with Fusion GPS, the FISA court documents, all of that, as a senior official in the FBI. And the I.G. concluded that maybe some of his activity was impacted by his animus to President Trump or then-candidate Trump. He should have been nowhere near either the Clinton or the Trump investigations."

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