Spicer on Trade: Trump’s Fulfilling the Promises ‘Which Is to Fight for American Workers’

‘The president is finally... fulfilling the promises that he made which is to fight for American workers’


SPICER: "I am not sure we are at war with any of them. I think the reality is the president is finally is fulfilling promises that he made, which is to fight for American workers, and to do things that will ensure that there is a level-playing field for our — our -- for what we have allowed people to have market access to our economy, that we deserve to at least have somewhere close to that kind of parity in many other trading partners. With respect to Turkey I think would I associate myself more with Kevin Hassett's comments earlier that you played which is that I think there is a bigger issue with how Erdogan is leading Turkey than the direct effect of say the tariffs are having."

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