Giuliani: Mueller to Decide This Week on Trump Sit-Down, ‘Should Be a Big Week’

Giuliani claimed that he expected Special Counsel Robert Mueller to decide on the counter-proposal on how President Trump should avail himself to be interviewed by the investigation

Rudy Giuliani Expects Mueller to Decide This Week on Trump Sit-Down: ‘Should Be a Big Week…’ (Mediaite)

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared in the remarkably friendly confines of Fox & Friends this morning in which he took batting practice with the most gently lofted softballs by the most-watched morning show co-hosts.

The anodyne interview can be fairly described as comfort food designed to sate pro-Trump viewers, with calls for investigations into those investigating alleged conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the election, but Mayor Giuliani hit something of a newsworthy buzzer shot when he revealed as an aside that he expected this to be a “big week” in the Mueller investigation.


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